Friday, January 5, 2018

Lift Every Voice and Sing

One of the most precious musical pieces of the American Civil Rights Movement. Dubbed as the Black National Anthem; the lyrics in this song bring about harmony, nostalgia, hope, unity and inspiration that our world so desperately needs to survive and press on. Before I graduated from college; I was in the marching band. At my HBCU; the band played and we sang this before every home football game. So this song is incredibly precious to me.

There is a very brief historical piece included to explain the origins of the song. I teach Mrs. Parker's Professors this song every year. No matter the demographic or age. I charge every teacher; elementary to high, every parent to make sure your children know this song. Everyone on this planet needs to know and digest the lyrics of this song. You can go download it right here it go to my TPT store. Enjoy!

Thank you!


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